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In simple words, the term OVARIAN RESERVE means the pool of eggs present in the ovaries of a female in the given time. LOW OVARIAN RESERVE(LOR) ,thus can be described as the stage/condition in females when there is a premature declining in the number of eggs made in the ovaries. WOMAN HAVING LOW OVARIAN RESERVE, CAN HAVE A GOOD AND INTACT OVARIAN FUNCTION.
Causes forLOR                                                                                                                                                                                  
The physiological decrease in the number of eggs in the ovaries can be caused mainly, when the female do not have two X-chromosomes (TURNER SYNDROME), genetic abnormalities or in the case if the ovarian tissue is damaged. The following are the some reasons for the ovarian tissues’ damage:
·         Ovarian cysts
·         Ovarian tumours
·         Torsion (any kind of twist in the tissue)
·         Chemotherapy
·         Pelvic adhesions
·         Immunological condition

The problem of Low Ovarian Reserve can be an issue if a woman is facing problem (or not been able to) in conceiving. Usually females faces the problem in getting pregnant in 35’s or 40’s, but this is natural, not the issue, as normally females have had their children mostly before 35.



A POOR RESPONDER is the woman who is required to give large doses of stimulation medication and who make less than required number of eggs.
The females who are POOR RESPONDERS needs to go for some kind of tests before finalizing whether to attempt IVF or not .A proper OVARIAN RESERVE TEST including basal FSH level is prescribed first. Along with that, ultrasounds for ovaries and resting follicle numbers also diagnose the reason for poor response to stimulation 
               Treatment: Please Approach an IVF Fertility Centre for treatment 
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