Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Opening IVF to surrogates and sperm donors, ‘egoistic’ says Women’s Council

National Women’s Council says opening embryo freezing to surrogates or sperm donors akin to ‘purchasing commodity’
The National Council of Women has struck out against the introduction of embryo freezing to Malta’s law on in vitro fertilization, which only allows the freezing of female ova.

The law was introduced by the Nationalist government in late 2012, but the new Labour government is considering legalizing embryo freezing legal to improve the efficiency of IVF.

“Bringing a child into the world is not a right, either to a male or female who wish to become a parent, because in so doing they might be ignoring the rights of the third person in this equation, the child,” NCW president Mary Gaerty said.

“One understands the pain of those who wish to become parents and are unable to achieve this aspiration, but must someone’s desires be constructed on egoism without a thought for the basic needs of the unborn child who will start life already missing out on the most essential formation for the personal development in life as a human being?”

The NCW wants to retain oocyte freezing, as opposed to embryo freezing, the embryo, claiming this will protect embryos from discarded or aborted, or left frozen “in limbo where this new life cannot decide for himself/herself the right to be born, since someone else decided their fate for them.”

Malta’s Embryo Protection Act forbids sperm donation or surrogacy, and is only available to opposite-sex couples in stable relationships.

Gaerty however claimed that allowing gays and single parents to access IVF through surrogacy and sperm donation would be akin to “purchasing a commodity”, and asked whether IVF children could legally know who their sperm donor fathers or surrogate mothers were.

“When a woman is pregnant, she is encouraged to bond with the child in her womb, talk, caress, sing and for the baby to grow in the love of the mother. But what bonding will this child receive if the mother has no interest in the child, except the financial aspect? This child will be abandoned at birth by the person who brought her/him in this world,” Gaerty said of surrogates who give birth to children in adoption to parents unable to have a child.

“And what about the father of the child, what measures will he take to make it possible for him to bond? The baby on the other hand is growing in the absence of this sensitive human contact, growing in a body that is just serving as an incubator for nine months,” Gaerty said of male gamete donors.             

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Some Babycare Tips

1. Feed timely: There is mainly two things that a newborn baby needs i.e. feeding and proper sleep. Your baby could demand feeding in every 2 to 3 hours, so make sure you always have something to offer her to feed. Sleeping is a difficult part as a newborn baby is required to sleep more than 16 hours a day but that doesn’t seems to happen at all sometimes, so try to give her short short naps if she don’t sleeps for long time and put her to sleep in a really quite place.

2. Keeping check of your Hygiene: Babys immune system is not quite strong and passive immunity (immunity passes from mother to baby) lasts only for around one month, so keep check of your hygiene before you grab your baby. Always washup and sanitize your hands well in order to decontaminate any kind of infection that could pass from you to baby, wear fresh and clean clothes and also keep the babys room shinny clean and make sure that the baby is in another room/area of the house while you are doing dusting and cleaning work.

3. Don’t get rough while playing with your baby:  A gentle Rock a Bye, Pikaboo and short little talks with baby not only helps to soothe her but also helps in fast development of her brain but don’t forget she is just a newborn baby.  In many cases of Jiggling, throwing in the air, shaking excessively or any other rough physical playing, people end up hurting there baby and in some cases, it could even caused brain injury. Also make sure that you not  get too loud while playing pikaboo or any other game with her as that could hurt her ears or could even scare her.

4. Burp your Baby after every time you feed her: Hold your baby straight so that her chin is on your shoulder and then gently rud her back from upper back to lower back and if she burps, it would help her in digestion, she will be able to sleep well and save her from colic symptoms.

5. Keep toys away from Babys Bed: Before you put your baby into bed, make sure that there are not any soft toys or pillows near her sleeping area as if baby turn around her head, she could get suffocated or it could cause her problem in breathing and also if you co sleep with your baby, make sure to provide her enough space and be careful that your hands, legs or other bodypart doesn’t  hurt her.