Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Tusshar Kapoor Brims With Happiness as the 39 Years Old Actor is Blessed with His Bundle of Joy Laksshya:

Bollywood has a lovely reason to celebrate. For the first time, a male actor announces the happy occasion of becoming a father to a baby as a single parent. The joy and the responsibility of becoming a single parent by a public figure like him is wonderful news. The Bollywood actor Tusshar Kapur was very happy to announce that he has been blessed with the baby boy Laksshya last week. The actor who is now 39, became the single parent of the baby boy using IVF and surrogacy, reported TOI.

In his words, the Actor said that he was thrilled to be a father. The paternal instinct in him has been overpowering his heart and mind for quite some time now. Therefore, he is thrilled beyond words to have Laksshya, now the greatest source of joy in his life. The doctor too is praising him for his sense of responsibility towards the child and his health at every stage of pregnancy.

The assisted technique of reproduction is showing the path to couples as well as the single parents like Tusshar Kapoor, who has an overpowering desire to become the parent. Nowadays, IVF is the traditional way of having a test tube baby is being welcomed by many people and surrogacy is the new way that the couples and the single parents are adopting nowadays. The new trend of becoming a parent with the help of surrogacy and IVF /In Vitro fertilization is increasing these days. Parenthood is showing new horizons, where single men or women are having the joy of becoming a parent, taking up the responsibility of the child and making new meaning of life.

Tusshar’s parents, Jitendra and Sobha are very much happy on welcoming Laksshya in their family. They said in a joint statement that they could not be more excited to be the grandparents to Laksshya and are completely supportive of their son’s decision. They said that this was certainly a tremendous blessing and an exciting time in their lives. Tusshar Kapoor is a wonderful son, and he has proven with responsibility, independence and kindness, and there is no doubt that he will be a great father to Laksshya.

The Doctor said that she was impressed with Tusshar’s determination to be a father. He maintained a keen interest in the baby’s health at every stage. He will be a sensitive and a nurturing parent.
He further added that as a public figure, Tusshar Kapoor’s brave and bold decision will open the field of assisted reproduction to many people. Not only the single parents but also the many couples who fervently desire to have a baby may now get the medical assistance to fulfil their nurtured dream.
The IVF /In Vitro fertilization begins with a hormonal treatment for stimulating the woman’s ovulatory process. In this process, the ovum or ova is first are removed from her ovary and then fertilized with the sperm in a liquid in the laboratory. Later the fertilized egg or zygote is cultured for 2-6 days in a growth medium and then the zygote is placed in the mother’s/surrogate mother’s uterus with an intention of having a successful pregnancy.

IVF being the assisted reproductive technique for infertility is also used in the cases of gestational surrogacy. In the cases of gestational surrogacy, the fertilized egg is implanted in the surrogate's uterus, resulting the child being genetically unrelated to the surrogate. Scientists are offering newer ways of reproduction these days, which are proving to be really beneficial for winning the challenges that the people face. Medical science has the answer to infertility to health problems or the age-related issues which become an impediment for becoming parents.

Scientists are offering newer ways of reproduction these days, which are proving to be really beneficial for winning the challenges that the people face. Medical science has the answer to infertility to health problems or the age-related issues which become an impediment for becoming parents.

People are adopting the assisted reproductive technique for fulfilling their dream of becoming parents. The joy of becoming the parent is so overpowering that nowadays people are not showing inhibitions to take up these methods of reproduction, which was a usual problem earlier.
The much loved Bollywood actors and public figures like Aamir Khan and his wife Kiran Rao too took help of surrogacy to have their child Azad Rao Khan. Recently the internet is flooded with the cute photos of Abram, the son of Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan. The couple also took help of surrogacy to welcome Abram in their lives.

We congratulate Tusshar Kapoor on becoming the Papa to his little one Lakshya, May their lives be blessed with joy and happiness.

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