Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Endometriosis & Infertility

Endometriosis is a condition where in the uterus lining also known as the endometrium grows on place like the ovaries, along the pelvic or even the Fallopian tube and after it breaks down, there is nowhere that it can go. This lining is very similar to the one that is formed in the uterus which results in women having their menstruation. In such a case where the lining has nowhere to go, it can cause Endometriosis which can also result to infertility.
How Infertility and Endometriosis is Connected
The reproductive age of around 10-15% or women is affected due to Endometriosis. This is a disease that is dependent on the estrogen of the woman and is also one of the established associations of infertility. There are various reasons why this can be caused; it could be environmental, genetics, molecular or mechanical. When it comes to the fertility being affected, the mechanisms which cause it are yet to be understood.
Factors of Why This Problem Can Occur
There are various theories' that have come to light about why this problem can occur. It could be due to

Areas that can be affected due to this condition
If a woman is diagnosed with Endometriosis, the different parts that could be affected due to which the fertility can be impacted and abnormalities can be caused could be
1) Ectopic endometrium

Can endometriosis be considered Hereditary or generic and what are the symptoms?
The theory on this front is very genetic; presently there is a team of doctors that is studying this factor which is based in London. The basis of the theory points out to very strong evidence that the hereditary factor is what leads to a woman being diagnosed with endometriosis. As per the studies that have been seen and conducted, if a woman has a family history on this front, it is natural that if she has a daughter, they may also be suffering with the same problem. Symptoms of Endometriosis would include -
1) During the time of menstruation, the cramping can get worse over time and also depilating.  
2) The pain can also be felt during the gastrointestinal period, urination, fatigue and even when they are having sex
3) At times, they can also have some bleeding even thought their periods are not due
Infertility Caused due to Endometriosis
Due to the fact that a woman may have very severe endometriosis, there are various problems that can develop to the pelvic, bowel and the uterus which can result in her developing an infertility problem. A few things that can lead to such a situation would be
1)  A distortion or scarring of the pelvic.
2) Blocked or damaged tubes
3) Endometriosis cysts can be found in the ovaries
4) The pelvic sidewall, bowel and uterus can be affected due to the cysts which can also result in the woman being infertile to conceive.