Monday, 5 December 2016

Male Infertility Trends And Causes

For the conception of a healthy baby, there are various factors that influence it, apart from the fact that the woman has to be capable for it, even the male's sperm and ability to help in the conception that plays a vital role. In comparison to the infertility of females, the complications behind male infertility are a lot less. This is a situation where the male is not able to be a father due to various factors such as
1) Sexual dysfunction which can also be that the man is not able to maintain or achieve a proper erection
2) The man faces retarded or premature ejaculation
3) The quality or count of the sperm is not up to the mark
4) Ability to produce a certain amount of semen needed for conception
There are various reasons as to why a man can be infertile; this can be due to the lifestyle he lives or the heredity or genetic factor. Some of the major reasons could be as follows
1) The quantity and quality of the sperm has been reduced since he smokes
2) The inadequate production of the sperm can also be due to prolonged activities and certain kinds of exercises which can increase the temperature of the scrotal
3) Physiological factors including stress can also be the reason for sexual dysfunctional
4) Abuse, Use of substance or alcohol can either lead to inadequate sperm quantity and quality or sexual dysfunction
5) Heredity problems or medical conditions which require regular medication that can cause infertility as a side effect or as a result of the particular treatment or condition that they have.
Reasons as to why a man is infertile: In order to understand what the root cause of the matter is, it would be essential that there would be certain tests that would be conducted. After a certain amount of tests, you will get to know the exact reason as to why the infertility has been caused, the reason as to why a man may be infertile could be due to the following reasons
1) The speed at which the sperm moves through the tube may not be that much since the amount of sperms that are needed is not sufficient
2) There are certain hormonal problems in the man which cause an imbalance.
3) There is an infection due to which the infertility is caused.
4) There could be some kind of trauma like a surgery or an injury to the testicular due to which the infertility is triggered.
5) Inflammatory of the prostrate due to which there is some kind of infection.
6) The person has some kind of Sexual transmitted infection
7) He has sustained some kind of injury to the spinal cord
8) Has been diagnosed with Testicular cancer
9) Sickle cell anemia which causes hypogonadism which is where the testicles do not function as desired.
If this is something that can be treated easily with the help of certain medications and or procedures this problem can be taken care of. However, in case this may not happen, then there are artificial procedures like IVF that can be helpful for the fertilization of the egg.